One of the key benefits... of an ACBS membership is the ability to participate in hands-on symposiums held around North America each year.


  • Annual Membership Directory:

You will be listed in the “Who’s Who” of the antique and classic boating world along with thousands of others who share the same interests you have. Want to find someone with a boat just like yours? This Directory comes to you annually. It has six different reference categories helping you to find the information you’re are looking for.

  • The ACBS Rudder:

This is the official magazine of The Antique & Classic Boat Society. It is published four times a year providing an updated calendar of events occurring in your area and across the continent. Each issue is packed with information of interest: restoration information including advertisements from vendors who may be of assistance to you in the maintenance and restoration of your boat; local Chapters and their events are spotlighted, historic boats and builders are often profiled and every issue has the Trading Dock, a free forum for ACBS members to list their boats and any other related items they may want to sell.

  • The Dry Dock:

Is our local newsletter that is updated with local sites and activities.

  • The ACBS Website:

 The ACBS website is regularly updated with all matter of information to keep you abreast of what’s going on at the international and local Chapter levels. Additionally, a “resources” page provides links to items of interest to the antique and classic boater, local ACBS Chapters websites, advertisers in Rudder, maritime museums and marque clubs.

  • Chapter Memberships:

Membership in a local chapter officers you the social and fellowship opportunity you may be looking for. Currently there are fifty-five local ACBS chapters spread across the United States and Canada. An ACBS member typically belongs to a chapter in his area and then may also belong to a secondary chapter in an area he/she likes to visit.

  • National Membership Meetings:

Boat Shows, Symposiums Each year ACBS promotes an International Boat Show in conjunction with an Annual Meeting and local chapter sponsored events.

  • Marine Insurance at a discount:

Under the terms of a unique agreement between ACBS and Hagerty Classic Marine Insurance, Inc. ACBS members are eligible for a 10% premium discount on boats insured through Hagerty. The discount is distinct from all other discounts or surcharges that may apply.


  • Historic: A boat built before 1919.
  • Antique: A boat built between 1919 and 1942 inclusive.
  • Classic: A boat built between 1943 and 1975 inclusive.
  • Production Contemporary: A production wooden boat built 1976 to present.
  • Custom Contemporary: A modified or one-of-a-kind wooden boat built 1975 to present.
  • Replica: A boat built in a non-production manner, intended to be one-of-a-kind, and usually a copy or duplicate of a boat previously built or manufactured.


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